Singh is Bling to end Akshay’s Pursuit of The Blockbuster!


Khiladi Akshay Kumar is back in his ‘Singh’ avatar after super success of Singh is Kinng but the question is, whether Singh is Bling will give Akki the Blockbuster he needs or will turn another average grosser!

Akshay Kumar in a Pursuit of The Blockbuster

Singh is Bling release
Akshay Kumar in Singh is Bling

Superstar Akshay Kumar is ready with his next venture, Singh is Bling and the expectation from the movie are high given the duo of Akki-Prabhu, Akshay’s Sardaar impersonation and yeah a big holiday release.

Akshay is certainly the superstar when it comes to fan following, he is the most versatile actor we have now, he can do any role and every genre but still there is something wanting, something which he deserves and that is a huge blockbuster.

It is true that Akshay has done some really aspiring cinema in recent times, be it Baby, Oh My God, Special 26, Holiday and Gabbar but he is still chasing the super success like his Rowdy Rathore or Singh is Kinng easily managed.

Reasons for Akshay’s Hide and Seek with a Blockbuster

Every Movie fanatic knows that Akshay can do any role, be it Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama or any genre. He still looks competitive to what a debutant may look, he emulates Khans when it comes to his fan following but still he doesn’t get the success he deserves. We highlight few points for his failure to hit the bull’s’ eye.

  • The most vital point to Akki’s failure at All Time Blockbuster these days is his overexposure. Akshay releases about 4 movies in a year which is even more than what Tusshar Kapoor or Vivek Oberoi. Akki needs to understand that he is a Superstar and people must anticipate and be intrigued with his movies but movie every second month won’t help Akki’s or Common Man’s cause. Less movies more excitement (Khans).
  • Akshay acquired superstar status after Garam Masala and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and he became a hit machine in 2006-2008 but again too many films and especially the likes of Tees Maar Khan, Chandni Chowk to China, Joker, Action Replayy and Khatta Meetha dented the trust Audience had in him.
  • Akshay continued to work with the directors who gave him his biggest flops like Nikhil Advani (CC2C and Patiala House) and Antony D souza (Blue and Boss).

Akshay still believes in doing 3-4 movies in year thanks to his super fitness but he needs to understand that People should be excited for his films and not just wait for reviews or audience response to enter the theatre. Holiday and Baby were deserving enough to earn 150 crore plus where as Gabbar was good enough to touch 100 crore mark at least but results were different just because of Akki’s overexposure.

Singh is Bling may turn the fortunes for Akshay Kumar

Singh is Bling is Akshay Kumar’s fourth release and the buzz around the movie is good. Singh is Bling’s songs have been praised and the trailer too is liked by the viewers. The duo of Akki- Prabhu had super success and Akshay’s Singhgiri may shatter the Box Office on Gandhi Jayanti.

We Hope Akshay tastes big success with this commercial pot boiler. Guys keep in touch with us for Singh is Bling response.

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