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Vishvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum Karnataka will surely be neck deep in trouble if it fails to fulfill the promise of announcing the results between 25th – 30th of July 2016. VTU, due to some internal trouble, failed to deliver the results on time of various Bachelor’s courses including BE 8th Sem and this delay alarmed the students of the university.


Anonymously some of the students broke the deadlock and took an immediate step and filed the Online petition against the University, in order to bring their plight amongst a huge audience, and to make it aloud so as it reach the deaf years of the university.

The Petition read –

“Vishvesvaraya Technological University (VTU, Belgaum) BE 8th sem results May/June haven’t been declared yet and the prolonged delay is due to the negligence of the varsity. At the least, the University could’ve communicated the result announcement date to the students so that they can inform their employer / foreign institute and commit when they would join”.

So far, the petition has been supported and signed by 228 students and obviously this score will keep on increasing till the university take a trustworthy action. Some of the annoyed students made criticising comments like –

“I’m signing this petition because I want to get rid of VTU asap!!! If the delay is being caused for extra marks then take 10 days more but if you are just delaying for fun then let me tell you I got better things to do than just wait for your results ! Only problem is I can’t join my job without it so you people better be quick”.

This is definitely an unbearable incident which happens every now and then, in some or the other part of the country. Students several times fall prey to the irregularities and unconcerned regulations of Universities.This not only delays the procedure, but poses a frightful threat to the career and job opportunities of the students.

However, few days university posted an update through social media, that the varsity will declare the VTU Results June 2016 by next week, but they failed to provide an exact date for the declaration of results.

The university should fix whatever the internal problem is and declare the result within the promised time, so as to avoid any future consequences.

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