Sunny Deol Punches Hard in Ghayal Once Again Trailer


Sunny Deol returns onscreen with his latest flick, Ghayal Once Again which is a sequel to 1990 Blockbuster โ€˜Ghayalโ€™, the official trailer of Ghayal Once Again released.

Ghayal Once Again Official Trailer Released

Ghayal Once Again
Ghayal Once Again Official Trailer Released

Sequel to 1990 Blockbuster โ€˜Ghayalโ€™, Ghayal Once Again directed by Sunny Deolย  would hit the theatres on 15 January, 2016 and the first official trailer for this action drama starring Sunny Deol is released which packs a punch and seems to have the same mettle as did Ghayal. Sunny Deol is the main lead in his own directorial which also features four new faces.

Ghayal Once Again Trailer Promises a Firm Sunny Deol Flick

The trailer of Ghayal Once Again voiced by Om Puri focuses on youth with four friends being the centre of the storyline thus capturing the eyeballs of young audience. Trailer offers number of power pack punches with Sunny Deol fighting a lone battle for the youngsters. The trailer is promising and so are the dialogues. Ghayal was immensely popular movie and Ghayal Once Again seems to be on the same lines.

Ghayal Once Again was previously titled Ghayal Returns and it is produced by Dharmendra. Ghayal Once Again would release on 15 January, 2016 and mark the return of Bollywoodโ€™s action hero, Sunny Deol with his trademark dialogues.

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