Sunny Leone Blamed for Rising Rapes by CPI Leader: News


Sunny Leone Blamed for Rising Rapes by CPI Leader: News

CPI Leader, Atul Anjan has given a controversial statement regarding rising rapes and its link to Sunny Leoneโ€™s Condom ad.

Sunny Leone Condom Ad blamed for Rapes

Condom Ad by Sunny
Sunny Leone’s condom ad blamed for Rapes

Sunny Leoneโ€™s Condom Ad was targeted by a politician from CPI Party.CPI Leader; Atul Anjan has directly blamed Sunny Leone and her condom advertisement for rising cases of rapes in India.

A video has been released where the leader is sited saying that โ€œA Woman named Sunny Leone has worked in number of porn films and was made an actress by Director, Mahesh Bhattโ€.

He further went on say that the condom Ads on television is responsible for rising cases of Rapes. He said itโ€™s pathetic to watch her movies. He pointed out at the ad and its actor for the sexual frustration in Indian youth though he didnโ€™t mentioned the main culprits for the rape cases, The Rapists.

Adult Advertisements on Indian Television

Though we canโ€™t blame the ads or an actor for heinous act like rapes but commercial advertisements are crossing their limits. You canโ€™t sit with your children or Parents and see a girl asking for it, for all day and night, we canโ€™t see a deodorant enlarges when a woman touches it and sprays, Underwear flying to opposite sex undergarments. There should be censor for these things as well. We canโ€™t blame specific things for specific events but then there is a word called โ€˜Limitโ€™.


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