The Big Bihar Battle Ends With Bihar Alliances Last Laugh


The big Bihar Battle is finally over with Bihar Alliance’s smashing victory over BJP or say Narendra Modi. Nitish Kumar’s JDU and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD alliance with Congress has the clear mandate with 178 seats of 243 Bihar Assembly Seats.

Bihar Alliance comes as The Clear Winner over Narendra Modi’s BJP

Bihar Assembly Elections
Bihar Elections Results 2015

Bihar Alliance comprising of Nitish Kumar (JDU), Lalu Prasad Yadav (RJD) and Congress has roared in Bihar Assembly Election 2015 as they won the clear mandate against BJP Alliance (LJP and HAM). Bihar Alliance managed to grab 178 assembly seats out of 243 seats which means, Nitish Kumar would be back as The Chief Minister of Bihar for third time in a row but with the big help of King maker, Lalu Prasad Yadav whose party RJD emerged as the biggest party of Bihar Elections by winning 80 seats. JDU won 71 seats while Congress also improved immensely with 27 seats to their candidates.

BJP alliance under Narendra Modi’s leadership proved fallible with only 58 seats to their quota. This defeat has dented Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stature especially because of number of campaigns (rallies) he executed to catch the voters eyeballs which he did but couldn’t turn them to votes and hence face the disappointment in Bihar.

Bihar Election Results 2015: Why BJP Crumbled!

  • No Big Name in Bihar: The biggest reason for BJP’s loss in Bihar has to be its lack of iconic leaders in the state. Everyone knew that Narendra Modi is not going to be Bihar CM and he was the only leader fighting lone battle for BJP in the state. Sushil Modi was among the probable choice for BJP’s candidate as CM of Bihar but his popularity is still a question in the state. Shatrughan Sinha could have been a better name with his connection the state, his experience with BJP and popularity in Bihar but BJP has sidelined him for quite a time now.
  • Nitish Kumar’s Work: The way Nitish Kumar has worked in Bihar was always going to help him. Nitish has actually initiated development in the state in past 10 years be it roads, electricity, water or education. Nitish Kumar has been the face of Bihar and he was certain to gain from his work ethics.
  • Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Bihar Alliance: Both the leaders know their roots as Nitish and Lalu have served their state for years. Bihar is said to vote as per caste and religion which also favoured Nitish and Lalu as Lalu dragged Yadav community and Muslims voters while Nitish was always the first choice of Minors.
  • BJP’s stand on Reservation and Intolerance: RSS Chief had commented on Reservation policies to which JDU and RJD easily baked the politics against BJP. Incidences like Dadri lynching and death of 2 dalit (SC) children in Haryana also became political agenda and BJP was again hammered by the oppositions which also had some effect in Bihar.
  • Narendra Modi’s Campaigning (Over Campaigning): Narendra Modi was BJP’s face in Bihar but was he the CM candidate as well? No, then why Prime Minister’s stature person would go all guns firing in a state elections!

Narendra Modi levelled Lalu Prasad Yadav in his rallies as he began to use the same language i’e. criticising, commenting and blaming. None of Prime Minister have ever attended this number of rallies in any state’s elections and this decision went against Narendra Modi and BJP.

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