The Great Khali Entertains in Ambuja Cement Ad


The Great Khaliโ€™s advertisement for Ambuja Cement is creating some good buzz because of its innovative theme and actually humorous plot.

The Great Khaliโ€™s Ad for Ambuja Cement

The Great in Ambuja Cement ad
The Great in Ambuja Cement ad

Ambuja Cement ad campaign is hit with masses as the advertisement featuring The Great Khali is top notch on humour content and the idea of the campaign is quite innovative.

WWE wrestler The Great Khali can be seen in the ad where he is saddened because he canโ€™t enjoy the fun of being at home. Khali is so strong and heavy that no walls and floors are good enough to hold him and his massive structure, then Khali moves to Ambuja Cement and constructs the house using it. The plot is extremely funny and viewers are in love with this eccentric idea.

Khali the brand ambassador for Ambuja Cement

Khali is the new brand ambassador for Ambuja Cement and the advertiser have done their job by using Khaliโ€™s massive body and linking it to Ambuja Cement which is sure to grab the eyes of viewers at instant. The campaign is hit and is sure to benefit the market of Ambuja Cement.

The advertisement says it message in a humorous way with Khali being the lime light.

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