The Tolerant India needs to be an Intolerant Nation


India is really being Intolerant or we Indians are making mountain of a molehill! The nation is through a phase where every second native is in dilemma about why is India being referred as an Intolerant Nation (sadly by Indians) and what has led to such peculiar situation. The fact is, India is not intolerant though it needs to be one now.

The Episodes Leading to Intolerance Debate

Intolerant India
India needs to be Intolerant

Dadri Lynching: Few months back a Muslim citizen was beaten to death by his village mates as he was rumoured of killing and consuming Cow. Few villagers accumulated for redemption as their sacred cow was consumed by this Muslim man and they lynched him to death. The rumours are yet to be proved which ignited the politics around the death and whole nation eyed to Dadri. Many politicians visited the village thus making it a national issue.

Killing of Dalit (SC) Children in Haryana: Soon after Dadri incidence, Haryana came into limelight as two Schedule Caste children were found dead and again it was aired that, death has been executed on the basis of Caste.

Award Returning Initiative by Authors, Scientists and Artists: Intolerance word  referring to India came into actual existence when many Authors, Scientists and Artists from various field started to return their prestigious awards to take a stand against rising intolerance in the country hence  blaming government for not taking appropriate action against the issue.

Shiv Sena’s Act against Ghulam Ali, Sudhendra Kulkarni and Indo-Pak Cricket Series: Shiv Sena continued their dominating acts as they boycotted Ghazal Singer, Ghulam Ali’s concert in Mumbai followed by inking Ex BJP Member, Sudhendra Kulkarni at a book launch event. Shiv Sena’s anti Pakistan agenda was again visible when they protested against Indo-Pak Cricket Series in Mumbai at BCCI’s headquarters.

Aamir Khan’s remark on Intolerance: The latest controversy pertaining to Intolerance was ignited by Aamir Khan’s statement on the issue. The Actor went on  to say that, my wife doesn’t feel safe in the nation due to ongoing scenario and she feels like leaving  the nation to which he called a disastrous statement on Intolerance issue.  The statement by Aamir on the growing problematic issue became viral and Aamir was criticized by many Indians, be it politicians, his contemporaries and even his relatives. Aamir also gained supporting hand especially from opposing party, Congress and few bollywood mates. The fact is that, Aamir never meant to insult the nation though his statement was at bad time and then media made a mountain of a molehill though Superstar like him should have avoided making such a statement at a public event.

India should be Intolerant and now is the Time

The country has gone through several rough patches and equally menacing incidences though it was never referred to as an Intolerant nation and to be honest, it’s still not intolerant though it has to be Intolerant now.

Our country and natives have easily tolerated the everyday rapes, million dollar scams, carnages, and ever rising corruption. Every morning the newspapers and Television news highlights the fact that we are the best tolerates in the world. 80% of the superfast news is about murders, rapes, inhuman activities, corruptions and violence.  If India was intolerant to these incidents and issues over The Aamir Khan or SRK’s Statement then, India would proudly be a Serene place where no one would talk about leaving its motherland.  Indian government should focus on what things should not be tolerated anymore which are Terrorism, Rapes, Corruption and Inhuman activities.

France penalised the involved terrorist with death within 4 days of attacks whereas India served Kasab for umpteen years before he was hanged, Politicians die before they are charged with corruption charges and murders are nearing death when court gives the final judgement, Nithari performs mass rapes and still alive.  Yes, Celebrities should think of what they are stating in public as they are idols to millions and people follow them but then, there are several prior issues to be sorted then pursuing a Celebs statement.

It’s high time that India has been tolerant; it’s time to be Intolerant and Intolerant in a productive and positive way.

An avid reader, blogger and engineering student from Dehradun, India.


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