TRAI Looks for Call Drop compensation: Telecomm Issue News


TRAI Looks for Call Drop compensation: Telecomm Issue News

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is looking for compensation and solution to the issue of Call Drops which was also highlighted by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

TRAI seeks for Compensation to Customers for Call Drops

TRAI Compensation
TRAI seeking compensation for Call Drop

TRAI is looking for suggestion to compensate the customers for the call drops which has been an issue for Telecom users in recent times. Nagging call drops are big concern these days and the issue hadn’t been rectified as yet therefore TRAI is eyeing to charge the Telecom companies for call drop which may also reduce the problematic error of Calls being disconnect abruptly.

TRAI believes that Call Drop issue has expanded with time and therefore TRAI is looking on few actions like no charge for the calls which are dropped or Telecomm Company to give free minutes to the customers in case of Call Drop.

TRAI Said,

” In the past one year, consumers, at various fora, has raised the issue of call drops, complaining that their experience of making voice calls has deteriorated. They contend that they are unable to complete their conversations without their calls getting dropped during the course of a conversation. The consumers seem to be asking a simple question: Having paid for the service, why should I be denied a reasonable call quality?”.

TRAI had conducted tests for Call Drops recently in Delhi and Mumbai and the result shows that the call drops are beyond the limits set by TRAI.

Narendra Modi concern on Call Drops

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi showed his concern for the incidences of call drops and had given ultimatum to Telecom ministry to rectify the issue in least time.

Government had decided earlier to compensate the customers for deficient mobile services.

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