UEFA Best Player Award 2014-15 News – Lionel Messi UEFA Best Player


UEFA Best Player Award 2014-15 News –ย Lionel Messi is UEFA Best Player 2014-15 season as he beats Ronaldo and Suarez to win the UEFA Best Player Award for the second time.

Lionel Messi wins UEFA Best Player Award 2014/15

UEFA Best Player Award News 2015
Messi, The UEFA Best Player

Argentine Superstar, Lionel Messi won the UEFA Best Player Award in a gala held at Monaco, this is the second time when Messi grabbed this prestigious Award for Best Player in Europe which is presented as per the votes of Journalists from 54 Countries. Barcelonaโ€™s Messi had won UEFA Best Player Award in 2011 which was the first UEFA Best Player Award Presentation.

Lionel Messi Best Player in Europe

Lionel Messi had to compete with Luis Suarez and Christiano Ronaldo for the Best player Award in Europe. Ronaldo had won the title in 2014 while Barcelona striker Suarez was first time nominated for the awards. Messi and Suarez had a great form for their side Football Club Barcelona which made Barcelona the champions for almost every European title be it UCL 2015, La Liga and Copa Del Rey.

Lionel Messiโ€™s Statistics for 2014-15

Argentine star of Barcelona had a phenomenal year as he won all the titles for Barcelona including La Liga Title, UCL 2015 and Copa Del Rey for 2014-15.He scored 58 Goals for FCB and matched UEFA Champions League 77 goal record of Christiano Ronaldo. He also scored 10 UEFA Champions League Goals to win the title of UCL 2015. Keep coming for more Sports News.

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