Uttarakhand Election Results 2017 – BJP scores big in Exit Polls!


After analyzing the Exit Polls for the Assembly elections in Uttarakhand, it looks like Congress is about to lose their National party status soon, as in Uttarakhand elections also the party seems to have lost a lot of seats to BJP. Most of the exit polls signs towardsย the clear win of BJP except the CVoter, they claims a tie between BJP and Congress.

Uttarakhand Exit Polls 2017

These are the exit polls by various sources –

INC 32
BJP 32
Source: C-Voter Post Poll Survey
BJP 38
INC 26
Source: ABP-CSDS
BJP 38
INC 30
Source: NewsX-MRC
BJP 53
INC 15
Source: Today’s Chanakya

This time also no regional parties are expected to score much seats and they may not score anywhere near to be called as a competitor!

However, some individual candidates may come up as game changer and then it would be a game of meetings, as both BJP and Congress won’t let go this opportunity. Especially, Harish Rawat, the Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, will take every possible step to come into power again, as this may be his last chance!

Few months back, when members of Congress Party and even former CM Vijay Bahuguna, started to slide to BJP, afterย sting operation, has left an unforgettable memoryย for Congress party. But, even after all this, Harish Rawat managed to come into power again.

It is pretty much expected that Congress won’t be able to register a clear win, but one cannot simply ignore the power and experience of Harish Rawat! If it would be a tie, then Harish Rawat would surely like to use his ‘experience of meetings’ in recent times.

Uttarakhand Election 2017 Result

Narendra Modi

The betting market is active and here in Uttarakhand also, the bookies are preferring BJP more than any others.

The assembly election results are going to be declared on 11th March 2017 i.e., tomorrow. Let’s see who will win the Uttarakhand Assembly Election 2017 and for which party this holi is going to be ‘Happy’ Holi.

Region BJP Congress Others Seats
Kumaun 8 16 2 26
Plains 8 11 1 20
Garhwal 16 5 2 23
Total 32 32 5 69
Source: C-Voter Post Poll Survey

BJP is likely to perform extremely well in the Garhwal region and not so well in other regions of UK. While, Congress seems quite strong in Kumaun and average in the plains. Others includes, individual candidates and regional political parties.

BJP is walking on the moto of ‘Congress Mukt Desh’ throughout the nation and they seems to be pretty much close to that! If BJP registers a clear win in the Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2017, then they would be one step closer to their goal. But, ofcourse the scenario would be completely different, if Congress under the leadership of Harish Rawat, wins the election.

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  1. uttarakhand election results would surely be in favor of BJP and Congress will lose this election also. I am pretty much sure that AAP will not even be an competition here in Uttarakhand.


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