Vijender Singh Packs a Punch, Debuts with a Knockout


Vijender Singh has done what he intended to by winning his first ever Professional Boxing match against Sonny Whiting with knocking Whiting out of the match in third round only at Manchester Arena.

Indian boxing star Vijender debuts with Knock Out

Pro Boxing
Vijender Singh Debuts with a Knockout

Indian Boxing star, Vijender Singh has displayed his strong desi punch as he knocked out Sonny Whiting in 3rd set of 4 set boxing match. Vijender made his Pro Boxing debut in best possible style and stunned the boxing world as he mauled much more experienced Whiting and that too before the normal match time.

Vijender Singh has been in news for moving to Pro Boxing and his match with Sonny Whiting was vital as being Vijenderโ€™s first match in Pro Boxing League. Vijender didnโ€™t disappoint his country and his fan by winning the first fight against Whiting in Pro Boxing league and that too with pure power punch.

Vijender Singh Vs Sonny Whiting: Pro Boxing League

Vijender has been training in England for his debut in Pro Boxing League and Sonny Whiting being more experienced about this format, it was believed that Vijender may struggle against him but the beginning of the match was good enough to predict the climax with Vijender completely dominating the match. Vijender proved his worth before official rounds end and knocked out Whiting in 3rd round at 2 minutes 8 seconds.

Vijender Singh has roared at International level with such a beginning and it would be fascinating to see his at the aerie of the Pro Boxing League.

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