Volkswagen Temporarily Stops The Sales of Hatchback Polo


German Automobile Company, Volkswagen is under scrutiny for the emission scandal and now it has asked its Indian Dealers to stop the sales of its premium hatchback Polo with immediate effect and wait for further notice.

Hatchback Polo
Volkswagen Polo Sale

Volkswagen sends notice to Dealers, Asks to stop selling Hatchback Polo

Worldโ€™s largest automaker, Volkswagen has asked its Indian dealers to stop selling the companyโ€™s most popular vehicle, Polo in India. Volkswagen has not given any specific reason for this act but it is believed that companyโ€™s act is due to some technical reason for specific lot of cars produced in India.

Volkswagenโ€™s Act on Polo Sales Not Due to Emission Scandal

Officials have cleared that the notice by Volkswagen to Indian dealers is not due to emission scandal where Volkswagen had installed software which cheated on Emission norms. Volkswagen has declared that about 11 million cars are involved in the scam for the diesel engine EA 189 of which 2 lakh are supposed to be used in India. ARAI is investigating about the emission scam in India.

Volkswagen Growth and Sales in India

Volkswagen may have opted for sales stoppage of Premium Hatchback Volkswagen Polo due to technical issues in the handbrake which is countered in specific lot of manufactured hatchback cars recently.ย  Company will be checking for that lot and that may be the reason for Companyโ€™s immediate effect act for stopping the sales of Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen produced 20,030 Premium Hatchback Polo for April-August period of which 13,827 have been sold while 6,052 have been exported. Company have hit 12% growth this year for its cars in India.

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