Vyapam Scam News – Madhya Pradesh Recruitment Scam Details


A scam which involves above 2000 people, a scam which took life of more than 40 people, a scam of more than 10 years and allegations are umpteen. This Vyapam Scam revolves around the fraud in recruitment and admissions in Madhya Pradesh which has led to mysterious death of 36 people (official figures) who were the culprits and had some involvement with the Vyapam scam.

Vyapam Scam News:

Vyapam Scam News
Vyapam Scam Details

Vyapam is a Hindi acronym for Vyavasayik Pariksha Mandal or Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) which conducts recruitment and entrance examination in the state. The Board officials and some high authority politicians are accused of granting seats to undeserving candidates in illegal manner. Officials are under scrutiny for taking bribes and helping their people for job allocations and seats in colleges but the scam is not only restricted to government job and entrance malpractices as it has turned into massacre with 36 involved people losing their life for various reasons.

Vyapam Scam has been there since mid 90’s but the main event in this long term Vyapam Recruitment Scam occurred in 2013 when 20 accused were arrested for impersonating some candidates in PMT 2013 and recent mysterious death of AAJ TAK reporter Akshay Singh who was reporting about the deaths involving Vyapam Scam has brought the case or Vyapam Scam News in limelight. Akshay Singh was investing the case of Namrata, a second year MBBS student who died recently. Madhya Pradesh government has been accused of not taking proper and stern actions about this long running Recruitment scam thus, people being killed especially the ones with some critical information about the scam.

Vyapam Recruitment Scam Details

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the MP Chief Minister has been criticised by the opposition for not taking desired actions on the scam and has been asked to resign. The CM had earlier denied having a CBI investigation and continuing with SIT (Special Investigation Team), he had organised for investigating the Vyapam Recruitment Scam. Now after the death of Akshay Singh and tremendous pressure from media has forced the CM for CBI investigation for Vyapam Scam involving 2000 people.

The Supreme Court has cleared the CBI investigation and has reprimanded the decision of High Court. This action of Supreme Court would also mean that the Governor of Madhya Pradesh Ram Naresh Yadav would likely leave the position as he was exculpated from the charges by high court. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is also under immense pressure to save his CM’s seat; his visit to Delhi and meetings with party leaders assures it.

There are many questions which are still under wraps like the reasons for numerous unnatural deaths, late action by State Government, CM being unaware of the scam for long period, High court’s action, SIT’S role and expected outcome for the politicians and people involved. The country has all eyes on MP and outcome which CBI provides. It’s time to give it back to corruption and send a strong message against it. Stay in touch with That’s Breaking for more updates on Vyapam Scam or for Vyapam Scam Details.

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