World at War Against Terrorising ISIS in Syria and Iraq


It’s an event when whole world seems to accumulate but this time it’s a war, the war against ISIS and their inhuman policies. After Paris attacks, ISIS has surely called for severe actions against the so called Jihadists.

Nations Converge to Battle the Intimidating ISIS

ISIS in Syria and Iraq
UN Oaths to Demolish ISIS

The recent attacks at Paris, France have left the world traumatized and the consequences of the Paris attacks are sure to affect the Terror group, ISIS present in Syria and Iraq. Russia has been attacking in Syria for quite a while now especially after their commercial flight was bombed by ISIS terrorists. France joined hands with Russia to operate the attacks and demolish the terror group after Bashar al-Assad asked for these nations support. ISIS reportedly retaliated for the presence of France in Syria with Paris attacks which killed 129 people. France leaded the initiative in UN (United Nations) which calls for intense attack on ISIS and its controlled territory with double the efforts. Unanimous decision was passed by UN including China and Russia to intensify  the attacks and demolish ISIS.

ISIS: Beginning of Self Proclaimed Rebellion Group

Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant (ISIL) or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came to existence after umpteen Syrian nationals started rebelling against Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad and his governance. ISIS joined the Jihadists and was supported by Middle East nations who were willing to oust Assad. ISIS possessed towns like Mosul and Ramadi in Iraq and Syria hence controlling the city’s economy. Armours and funding was carried out by ISIS supporting nations.

ISIS declared themselves as Jihadists and true believers thus forming their own Islamic State by capturing various regions in Syria and Iraq under Baghdadi’s leadership. They formed their separate group on the name of Jihad and focused on Iraq and Syria aiming to develop a separate Islamic state. ISIS has formed a group of more than 30,000 militants who perform carnage, abduction, Robbery and Terror attacks whereas the frightening fact remains that, it also includes foreigners which aren’t from Syria or Iraq. ISIS easily executed involvement of natives from France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Tunisia and nearby nations.

ISIS Funding and Finance Generation

ISIS’s initial funding was supported by Middle East nations which are still quite active with their support. ISIS possessed Syria and Iraq hence overtaking all the military equipments and arms. ISIS Militants looted banks and conducted abduction to generate the finance. ISIS had taken the control of oil fields, crude oil, raw materials and crop fields which were sold to nations like Iran, Turkey and even Syrian government.  Other ways for generating funds was selling women for sex slavery, taxation from minority and ransom. ISIS recently tried to extend its territory and presence with attacks on Russian flight and  series of attacks in Paris which killed many innocent citizens.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin had already revealed that more than 40 nations are currently funding ISIS by buying the crude oil and other such materials. Many Arab nations are alleged to fund ISIS and their heinous activities.

Active Nations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Russia is continuously firing and bombarding in ISIS territory which was recently backed by France. It is said that more than 10,000 ISIS militants are killed and acres of ISIS controlled land and regions have been sabotaged. USA is also continuously attacking sensitive regions in Iraq and Syria which will be accelerated after Paris attack. Other nations like UAE, Germany, Britain, Jordan and Australia are present in the ISIS controlled nations to eradicate ISIS and bring peace in Syria and Iraq.

It’s high time since the world has combined against an issue and ISIS is an issues rather the most important and urgent issue which has to be sorted and eradicated. Enough of Barbarian act, enough of mass murders, enough of Innocent deaths and enough of ISIS.

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