Xiaomi Laptops and Notebooks Launching Soon: News


Xiaomi Laptops and Notebooks Launching Soon: News

Chinese Tech Giant, Xiaomi is geared up to launch its own series of Notebook similar to Appleโ€™s Macbook-Air but at much cheaper price. Xiaomi Notebook is under production and we can expect the first Xiaomi Notebook Launch in Q1 of 2016.

Xiaomi Laptops and Notbeook
Xiaomi Laptops Launching soon

Xiaomi Laptops and Notebooks Coming Soon

Smartphone Chinese Brand, Xiaomi is planning enter the Laptop and Notebook market with its new set of Notebook which is under production and is expected to be similar to Macbook-Air as per features and specifications.

Xiaomi is dealing with Samsung for memory chips and is in talk with Hardware Manufacturers for internal component of the Notebook. Xiaomi will probably use its own software for the upcoming Notebook model and the price tag is expected to be aggressive as to take the market by storm as did its Xiaomi Smartphone.

Xiaomi laptop Launch and production

As per the information, the production work is in full swing and Xiaomi will bring its Notebook in the First Quarter of 2015. Xiaomi is already producing Smartphones, Fitness Tracker Bands and Television.

About Xiaomi and its Products

The company was formed in 2010 and within 3 years of its formation, Xiaomi struck Gold with its products which are high on quality but low on pocket. Xiaomi Smartphone Series, MI has become one of the most successful budget Smart phones while its Fitness Tracker Bands are also commendable.

Xiaomi is expecting the same success for its upcoming Notebook as it did with it Smartphone, Bands and Television.

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